How does mandatory metadata affect capture rates in records systems?

This is an outstanding question for me.

Marketers know that there’s a drop off in the sign up rate for every additional field they ask a user to complete.

I’d bet we see the same thing in Records.

The more mandatory metadata that we demand, the less records we capture.

I think this is one of the reasons that there’s often so much enthusiasm for network drives and other systems that don’t demand metadata when people want to store things.

Has anyone ever tested this? Or do you know of good research that has?

1 thought on “How does mandatory metadata affect capture rates in records systems?”

  1. No Matter if someone has tested this or not but that;s true, Time is an asset and behavioral studies suggest people do not tend to waste time on less important things (filling in more attributes in this sense even if they do know thats important for something else) and as the world is moving towards cloud technology, the technology providers takes care of these things


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