Records Managers – do you know how long a compliance inspection takes you?

18 months ago, I had a chat to a regulation expert in local government. 

He explained how he thought about the work that he did.

It came down to this:

  1. We know that it takes 6 hours to complete an audit.
  2. We know that we need to do a certain number each year.
  3. We’ve asked for a budget that lets us do slightly more than that.

3 months ago, his council won an award for effectiveness in the area that he regulates.

I thought that they’re questions worth asking about Records practice:

  1. How long does a compliance audit take?
  2. How much time does the remediation/training etc. take?
  3. How many are you likely to need to do?
  4. How much budget do you need to do that?

The quality of Records that your organisation is producing probably depends heavily on whether you’re getting the funding you need for audit.

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