The executive value of a records management program.

Senior people, what’s the thing they are most focused on?

That’s an impossible question to give a single answer to, but you can bet its one or two things that are large, complex and important, and that they want to stay laser focused on.

Ultimately, this means that a records program has three types of value to an executive –

  1. It can help them succeed at one of the things they are focused on.
  2. It can reduce risk to the things they’re focused on.
  3. It can stop them being dragged away from the thing they’re focused on.

Assurance of success, prevention of failure, and the prevention of fires that will drag them away from what they’re working on.

I think that’s it.

What do you think?

1 thought on “The executive value of a records management program.”

  1. I think as a senior person those are great things but everything comes at a cost, so I would want to know if “its worth it”


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