Records management standards came from quality management – so why don’t we spend any time on quality management?

One of the more interesting discoveries about Records I’ve made over the last couple of years, is that our ISO standards were initiated in the mid 1980’s by people looking for guidance on how to implement quality management standards.

The logical conclusion from that, is that records are integral to quality management – and we can see today that ISO9001 includes sections about records management.

So why is there so little talk in records management circles about raising the quality of the outcomes that the organisations we work for achieve?

Why the fixation on destruction schedules?

Legislative compliance?

Metadata standards that actively work against user adoption?

Why not just a relentless focus on lifting the quality of outcomes for the organisations we work for?

How many organisations have problems because they constantly reuse poor quality information that has been recorded as evidence of business activities?

How many are just waiting, begging, for someone to fix it?

2 thoughts on “Records management standards came from quality management – so why don’t we spend any time on quality management?”

  1. Love your posts Karl. For many organisations quality processes represent a balance between time spent and dollars available ( particularly in this case ) with all the other competing priorities of the organisation. What many do not realise is that particularly in this day and age quality management of information-records is gold and will, I repeat will, produce outcomes for the organisation in time saved,money spent and importantly reputations of employees,businesses and managing corruption

    Regards Roger


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