Why do we tolerate the fiction of “not enough time to keep records?”

Defining a record is an organisational policy decision.

It’s the organisations way of saying “this information is important enough for us to write a policy to make sure we handle it properly”.

I read an article recently that said workers “don’t have time for drag and drop” – as some kind of excuse for why they weren’t using a records management system.

It’s crap.

We have time for coffee.


Toilet breaks.

Talking to co-workers about the weekend.

Endless meetings that generally achieve nothing.

Spending 40% of our time looking for information.

And we drag and drop 300 times a day.

Somehow when we ask people to drag and drop into a records system, they don’t have time for it.

It’s rubbish, records are part of peoples jobs because the organisation says that the information is important, and needs to be kept. 

If people don’t have time to do their jobs, why aren’t they being performance managed?

If managers can’t get their teams to do their jobs, why aren’t they being performance managed?

Why do we accept the failure to link policy to practice?

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