The legal trend that every organisation needs to pay attention to, and that a Records Manager can solve for you

Is the change from legally mandated retention of records, to required destruction of records.

Current laws mandate that an organisation must hold specific data for at least a certain period of time.

The trend in privacy legislation all over the world, is to mandate that organisations must destroy it at a certain time, or for certain reasons.

Many organisations that I’m talking to are deciding that data disposal is too complex to implement, and storage is so cheap that there’s just no point.

In many cases, they’re then adopting systems that have no capacity to dispose of information programatically.

It’s a cheap decision now.

It’s going to get very expensive.

For a Records Manager, this problem is routine. It’s just what they do.

Every organisation is going to need the capability to destroy information programatically to exist in the information economy of the future.

Every organisation is going to need a Records Manager.

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