Why you’ve got problems with information outside records systems (all records systems, not just EDRMS)

There are clearly more than one reason why you’ll have this.

Central though to all of the discussions about it is the problem of shared value.

Records systems impose a cost on the people that use them that is over and above the cost of just leaving a record where it is.

So what are they getting in return for that cost?

Does your records system provide managers with statistical information that helps them manage capacity and quality in their team?

Does the records system include enhanced capabilities that extract information from content and help people with search and research?

Does the records system help people manage the status of their work?

Does the records system help people manage the flow of work between them?

Does the records system provide templates to help people create work product?

Does the records system help people make decisions by providing guidance and information?

Systems that do these things have high rates of usage and compliance.

The core question you have to ask yourself is “does the system help?”

If it only helps you, or doesn’t help enough to balance the investment it asks for – that’s why you’ve got problems.

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