Why you don’t have enough people in your records team.

Because in the eyes of your executive, increased investment in records doesn’t lead to increased business performance.

So what they’re looking for, is the point at which something breaks.

So they’ll keep reducing your funding until reducing your funding results in more losses than savings.

And then they’re going to hold you responsible for it.

So how do we turn it around?

We start from the idea that better information can improve the performance of almost anyone in our organisation.

Then we continually reinforce to ourselves and everyone else, that almost all of the valuable information a business uses comes from its records.

And then we make every project about giving it to them at higher levels of quality.

Obviously, the business units with great records are going to get higher quality information faster, and if we get it right, people will realise that keeping better records leads to better performance.

And when the executive come to realise that an investment in records is an investment in business performance…

They’ll give us more people.

They’ll give us more money.

And we’ll be able to start doing more with more.

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