The only two choices for organisations creating records

Are badly or well.

Whatever definition of records or records management you choose, there’s not an organisation on earth that isn’t creating them every single day.

So the only choice is whether to create, keep and manage them well, or to create keep and manage them badly.

Records has a serious brand problem at the moment. This means that organisations aren’t making this as a conscious decision. They don’t know what records are, and they don’t know what records management is – so they’re looking for what we can do, but don’t know how to ask for it.

Every day, they’re bombarded with ads about “increasing the trustworthiness of your company’s data,” or they experience problems that they don’t link back to poor systematic control of the creation and maintenance of records.

Doing records badly badly has predictable consequences – no one trusts the information and data that the organisation has created, this means that every activity they try and execute takes longer because of bad records.

These are real problems for organisations, and they’re actively looking for ways to fix it. Records Management has the answers, all we need to do is talk to them about the improvements they’ll see when they go from managing records badly, to managing the well.

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