The report missing from every records management system

Is the report about what’s not there.

Why can’t the records system have place holders for the documents that we know will appear as part of routing business processes? Then we could report on when they’ve been filled.

Yes, this won’t work in every case, and email is the hole in the entire information management universe, but when we get right down to it, business processes all exhibit some form of reliability.

There is initiating information, information generated during the process, and then some form of output.

So why doesn’t the records system give us a place to put each of them, and tell us when it’s missing? 

Every freedom of information request has an initiating request document and decision about whether the request is valid.

Every development application has an application document, and a determination.

Every investigation has an initiating event, an investigative log, and a report.

Why doesn’t the records system tell us when these things are missing?

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