Thinking strategically about records and being underestimated.

Are your records good enough?

Good enough for what?

The good news, is that we all get to decide.

If our strategic goal is to tick a compliance box, “good enough” should be relatively easy to answer.

If our strategic goal is to ensure that information is only captured once and then reused, findability matters a lot.

If our strategic goal is to beat litigation, evidentiality is going to be our number one focus.

If our strategy is to use records as the foundation of competitive advantage, “good enough” will be harder still to define. Quality will matter a lot, and it’s likely that structure, placement and a hundred other things will too. 

And if we don’t have a strategy, and we haven’t made sure our organisation knows about it, whether our records are good enough will be determined by every Tom, Dick and Harriet who make unreasonable demands of us. 

And the worst case scenario is probably that they chronically underestimate us, and always get what they want because we didn’t show them a strategy that made us reach for whatever is next.

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