Do we make training too complicated in records? (And everywhere else)

One of my favourite demonstrations of neuroscience comes from a speaker who uses finger and thumb movements to demonstrate that it taken your brain 60 to 100 repetitions of an action, to create a new neural pathway. Once you do this, it goes from being awkward and slow, to fast and easy – because your brain actually created new connections to perform the move.

How often do we use this principle in our training though?

Another effect is the “Mere-Exposure effect” – which says that people develop fondness for things they are familiar with.

If we put these things together, I think what it points to is that we shouldn’t be treating training like a functional “how to” overview, we should be treating it like an endurance training program.

There are two basic things that people come to a records system to do – store a record, and find a record.

Your training program:

Open the records client x 60

Store these specific records x 60

Find these specific records x 60

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