How customer service portals fundamentally change the nature of record keeping.

When we engage with clients now, it’s easy to record the information we provide them.

Because we always exchange a document.

A significant trend though, is the move to portal based engagements.

In many cases, the portal content is static documents held elsewhere – so record keeping is relatively easy.

Dynamic content though, is generally composed in real time from many sources.

With the state of APIs and integration services, these sources could be outside the control of the organisation.

So an accurate recording of the interaction requires one of two things:

  1. Keeping a point in time representation of the information provided every time a view of it is presented to a client.
  2. A way to re-compose the information as it was provided to the client at a point in time, in a verifiable, evidence grade manner.

One of which is easy, storage intensive and doesn’t scale.

And the other, which is amazingly difficult and the only way to scale effectively.

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