How to pass audit every single time, easily.

Like this:

  1. Review your legislation/regulation/standard and identify everything you need to prove your organisation did.
  2. Identify information you already capture that can prove it.
  3. Develop processes to capture what’s missing.
  4. Implement your processes.
  5. Audit the process regularly to make sure it’s working.

Develop procedures to collate the information you capture into a complete record for your auditor.

That’s it. Everything else is organisational willpower and good change management.

This is part of what records managers do.

Great ones will help you get it right.


  1. Your audits will be quick and cheap.
  2. Your auditors will love you (and flag you as low risk, and leave you alone).
  3. You’ll have a minimum of organisational angst at audit time.
  4. You can focus on making your customers feel great about what you do.

Great records managers are the route to a more sane world for any regulated industry, if only they knew it.

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