Records Managers – is your WICM worth it?

One of the most basic principles in getting adoption is remembering the WIFM – What’s In it For Me.

What we don’t talk about often enough though, is the other side of the equation.

The WICM – What’s It Costing Me.

Records fails when these two are out of proportion to each other.

The right proportion isn’t straight forward though.

The WIFM is generally organisational or far away.

The WICM is right now and borne by an individual.

This is why we tie ourselves in knots trying to automate, integrate and capture by stealth. Because we know that to work, one of two things needs to happen –

  1. Perception of the WIFM needs to be very high.
  2. The WICM needs to be almost zero.

How we square that circle largely determines how successful records programs are.

So the question you have to ask – is your WICM worth it?