Crazy idea to get 100% record adoption.

Take away outlook.

That sounds crazy, but wherever I go, email is the number one way to ignore records management and information governance, because it’s totally uncontrolled by design.

People ignore record systems because they can, and they can because of email.

All workers really need is a way to move the information they’re working with to the next person in the process. Email is the simplest, lowest friction way of doing that.

For most people, email is how they do their work. It gets emailed to them, they do their work, and then they email it to the next person. Hard copies fulfil the same basic idea. At no point in that process do they need to put anything in a record keeping system.

If you take away the ability to email and print, how do people move their work around?

They have to put it in a system that moves it around.

If the system is a records system, you’ve got it.

(Incidentally, this is a lot of what digital looks like when done well)